Renewschool Webinar: real examples and outcomes from the Renew-School project

The webinar is focused on solutions and strategies for indoor air quality, thermal comfort and efficient ventilation systems with high level of integration in renovation projects for schools, particularly in completion to intervention for high performances building envelope and integration of RES.


  1. School buildings renovations across Europe: real projects and integrated solutions
    Knotzer Armin - AEE-INTEC - coordinator of the Renew-School project
  2. Cooperation models and success processes to achieve sustainable retrofits of schools
    Stefan Vanloon - PIXII Passiefhuis-Platform
  3. Winning concepts and technologies for school building renovations
    Christian Anker Hviid - DTU
  4. Indoor environmental quality and learning in schools
    Wargocki Pawel - DTU
  5. Opportunities for training and awareness raising for sustainable school projects
    Micol Mattedi - HABITECH Trentino Technological Cluster


The webinar will be free and open. To receive the access link and information please send an e-mail to Marco Pietrobon - eERG Group: (before 16th February if possible)

The session is organized in the framework of the RENEW-SCHOOL project (supported by the European Commission, with the aim of retrofitting a great amount of school buildings to highest nearly Zero Energy Buildings level, by promoting appropriate tools and measures, help to downsize the energy use significantly as well as create and secure comfortable conditions for the pupils and teachers. Sustainable school renovation actions base on following three focus points promoted by the project:

  • Improvement of the building’s envelope by coating it with insulated prefabricated timber modules including wooden frame windows, solar shading and ventilation components.
  • Improvement of the indoor environment quality (IEQ) by ventilating, passive cooling and daylight upgrading the classrooms.
  • Improvement of the energy generation on site by using active renewable energy sources, beside the passive gains, integrated in the school buildings.

The webinar is organized in cooperation with the end-use Efficiency Research Group of the Politecnico di Milano(eERG-PoliMI)